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Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

When you’re an adult, going to the dentist is no big deal. It’s something you’ve done your whole life, and you’re familiar with the tools and procedures.

But for little children, going to the dentist is a brand-new experience. There are mysterious tools, new faces, and all sorts of strange new happenings. That’s why, at Royal Dental Clinic, we are committed to keeping things fun and comfortable for your kids.

Since most of them are still mastering the art of brushing and flossing, we encourage even our littlest patients to learn about the importance of good dental health. When kids have this knowledge, we find they are more likely to be active participants in their daily oral care.

The dental education we provide at Royal Dental Clinic will hopefully help make your job as a parent easier – and avoid bedtime battles over brushing and flossing. Your children will understand what they need to do in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy, and will learn that brushing and flossing are important responsibilities.
Here are some ways you can help your child develop a healthy relationship with dental care:

Discussion: Talk to your child about brushing and flossing, and why it helps to keep their teeth strong and healthy. Explain how there is sugar in the foods they eat and drink, and that sugar can stick to your teeth if it isn’t brushed away.

Demonstration: Show your child proper technique by brushing and flossing in front of them, and help them until they learn to do it all by themselves. We often recommend letting your child brush their own teeth first, and then doing a “touch-up” job yourself afterwards to ensure they are brushed well.

Attitude: Even if coming to the dentist isn’t your favorite activity, keep all conversations about the dentist light and positive around your child. They need to see that going to the dentist is no big deal. Never use phrases like, “It’s not scary,” or “There’s nothing to be afraid of,” because that puts the idea in their head that it might be scary or frightening.

Contact Royal Dental Clinic today to discuss more ways to get your child involved in their oral hygiene, or to schedule an appointment for them.

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